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UK Brent - Current Price

UK Brent
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BRENT Price Chart

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Follow this real-time UK Brent price chart to speculate on the price movements of the UK Brent/USD pair. With this convenient live chart, you can view the current UK Brent/USD price, analyze the price dynamics, trace historical UK Brent to USD exchange rates, build your trading strategy, and trade UK Brent with leverage on Top Coin Miners.

UK Brent-US dollar (BRENT/USD)

Brent crude is also known as London Brent, North Sea Oil, Brent Blend, and Brent petroleum, and it is extracted from the North Sea. It's a light crude oil that's slightly heavier than WTI and sweet due to its low sulphur content, making it ideal for refining diesel and gasoline. Brent crude oil accounts for more than half of the global crude oil supply. Brent blend crude is used as a benchmark for oil purchases all over the world. The ICE futures exchange is where it is traded electronically. Brent crude is currently trading at $85.67 per barrel in January 2022, compared to $74.17 per barrel in December 2021. The price has increased 56.42 percent in the last year.

Currency Information

UK Brent

Brent crude oil, also known as Brent Blend or London Brent, is the oil extracted from the Brent, Forties, Oseberg, and Ekofisk oilfields in the North Sea. This type of oil is sweet and light, which means it can be easily converted into gasoline and fuel. Brent oil is 'light' due to its lower density, and its lower sulphur content makes it 'sweet'. Brent crude oil has lower transportation costs than other types of crude oil because it is produced near the sea. Brent is usually sold at a higher price than WTI.

US dollar

A US dollar is made up of 100 cents. To distinguish it from other dollar-based currencies, it is designated with the symbol $ or US$. The United States dollar is the most widely used currency in the world and is regarded a benchmark currency.

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